Board Member - Romie

All children should have all the tools and support available to get them to succeed in life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and we see kids struggling to survive in school given so many potential justifiable reasons (e.g. taking care of sick siblings, having to work to help family, health conditions). I must say I got lucky when I found mentors and programs that helped guide me when I just simply did not see any options in front of me.

Non-profit organizations like Communities in Schools provide resources necessary to get students out of the hurdle they might be facing and get them back in track in school. I am grateful to know there are organizations like CIS. I got involved in CIS because the support they provide the students can and has been measured for more than 50 years within the USA! And now we have our very own CIS-Benton that supports children from our own backyard! CIS-Benton is an organization that cares, assists children in need, and truly makes a difference in their lives.

Every year, CIS-Benton works with students to provide them emotional support, guidance, and also care packages that include food, hygiene essentials and educational materials.

I have chosen to be part of those actively involved in raising funds to continue support our kids, our Future! I have a calling to pay it forward!!! Please join me in supporting them specially during this difficult times.


Romie Morales Rosado, PhD