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About Longfellow Elementary

The Longfellow Elementary School we know today was opened in 1988 with a capacity of 500 students at a time when the District was over 6,300 students strong. Longfellow’s name, like many other schools in the District, pays tribute to a great American writer, Henry Longfellow. His Song of Hiawatha, perhaps his most popular poem, was infused into the Longfellow Song by past teachers Kelly Gordon and Marti Walker. Today, Longfellow offers a variety of activities for students including after school tutoring in reading and math. Student success is celebrated monthly through the citizenship program allowing teachers to spotlight students showing outstanding efforts in academics as well as those who show respect and make good decisions. Also the school’s very successful Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) committee has been nationally recognized by the National Network for Partnership Schools (NNPS) and John Hopkins University for providing meaningful family and community member involvement.

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