Do you remember the last time someone reached out to give you a helping hand?  Maybe you were a few dollars short at the grocery store or you were desperate for a babysitter and your neighbor stepped up.  Was it that random surprise in the Starbucks line that the person ahead of you paid for your coffee on a morning that just wasn’t going well? Those small, unplanned acts of kindness by a friend or stranger, or loved one helped turn your day or week around.  It is those small acts of kindness, especially today, that are worth celebrating.   

CISBF staff work inside our local schools and communities to help children stay connected to their education and complete school.  Their work may be as simple of a task as providing food for a child to take home for the evening or, organizing and conducting student support groups to modify behavior and build attendance. No matter how large or small the task, our staff supports our mission with clear eyes, full hearts, and kindness at every turn. Here’s an example from a parent supported by CISBF recently: 

“Thank you so much for all you’ve (CIS) done for my son and the whole family. You should see how happy he is with his new shoes. He keeps sticking his foot out and says ‘look at my new kicks’. My heart is so happy knowing he is doing so good. He is proud of himself, and that is what matters. He is such an amazing kid.” 

Over the next two weeks, starting Sunday, February 14th through February 28th, Communities In Schools of Benton-Franklin is providing a platform that you can honor those in your life from an individual to an organization, or business that has helped you! As part of promoting Random Acts of Kindness in all that we do,  we’ve built this campaign as a way to support Communities In Schools and the random acts of kindness they provide in a student’s life every day.  

We invite you to make a donation to CISBF and tell your story of how a Random Act of Kindness affected your life.