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Circumstances and barriers for students vary widely across communities. Our local approach allows us to identify the unique needs in our schools and communities to leverage resources and make a difference in the lives of our youth. 

Challenges vary for each school, family, and individual student. Different kids have different needs. Some need academic help. Some need a stable home, food on the table, or someone who will listen and help guide the way. Others simply need a pair of eyeglasses, school supplies, or shoes that fit. 

Helping kids move beyond their present circumstances requires a whole child approach, not one-size-fits-all. We treat students as individuals and address the specific obstacles they face. 

CISBF works with school and community leaders to determine how to best support local youth.  Though the services may differ in each community, all Communities In Schools affiliates use an integrated student support model to deliver a mix of the following: 

  • Academic Assistance: Individualized academic supports foster student growth and success 
  • Basic Needs: Providing basics like food and clothing empowers students to come to school comfortable, nourished and prepared to learn 
  • Enrichment: Connection to enrichment activities expands students’ understanding of what the world has to offer. 
  • Life Skills: One-to-one mentoring and small group work, instills confidence to succeed and fosters the belief opportunities increase with an investment in education 
  • Family Engagement: Creating opportunities for engagement with families builds community and promotes success 
  • Behavioral Intervention: Building positive habits around regular attendance and coping skills improves student outcomes 
  • College & Career Prep: We equip students with the necessary tools to write their own success stories 
  • Physical & Mental Health: Increasing access to physical, dental, vision, and mental health services allows students to focus in the classroom 
  • Community Service: Giving back to community, fosters a sense of belonging and value 


Our Services in Schools

School-based site coordinators empower students to stay in school through individualized access to needed resources, and ongoing encouragement and guidance to build confidence to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Our Site Coordinators work with school and community leaders to determine how best to support local students by assessing the needs of individual schools and students and creating a plan to match them with community resources and support such as, academic assistance, basic needs, enrichment, life skills, and physical and mental health. One of our strengths is tailoring assistance to the communities we serve while adhering to our core delivery model.